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 Dont miss the newest mystery novel staring that reluctant adventurist Maria Sebastian.

Melody Scott is a real estate agent turned writer of
real estate novels. 
And you thought real estate was boring…

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The secrets of the woods can’t be squeezed out of the trees, even though they’ve seen the killers and liars and madmen, slaves and fires and bullets.   They’re the ancients who have seen all.  Maria Sebastian has to get the hardwoods to talk.   Her only reliable source is the land.


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It’s just a chain of needs:  When Maria Sebastian, realtor, figures out how to stop the flood of people invading her house every so often, she’ll have time to find the answers to the ancient ownership of the land.  When she gets that answer, then she can determine why other realtors are being killed.  When she can determine that reason, she can get proper care for a wild man and dig up the secret the land holds dear.  When she finds that secret, she can convince her client the land is not responsible for what happened to it, and assure him the land can be redeemed to be what he is looking for.  When she’s convinced him of that, he will buy the land and she will receive the commission she’s been working on for over a year.  Roadblocks are hell.

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Cast of Characters

All that’s left standing of Auraria, Georgia’s once booming town is Woody’s Store.

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Woodys store old style

Only 350 people are residents in the vicinity today, whereas during the gold rush of 1829. 25,000 people clambered over each other in their quest to be rich.   In the 100+ years from 1829 to 1939, six million dollars in gold were dug out of the ground.  Over 500 gold mines were registered in north Georgia at one time.

In the year, 2010, two realtors, Maria Sebastian and Bonnie Keen, made their way through solid woods to explore a property they’d just listed, where one of them had the misfortune to fall through an air vent into a goldmine that had been abandoned some 100 years earlier.

Since a mineshaft is approximately as dark as the inside of a cow, that realtor didn’t notice the remains of a man who had been left there to disintegrate over a ten year period.

The day after the mishap, the body was discovered sitting there quietly, wearing the realtor’s ex-husband’s coat.

Auraria Dead is a fictional story set in a true location with a past.

The cast of main characters include:   Blonde, 5’8” tall, 125 pounds, 40 something years old, Maria Sebastian loves land.  She’s curious about its history, is sensitive to what has happened on it over the millions of years the earth has existed.  She thinks she may be falling in love with an ex-cop, ex-Navy Seal who recently lost his wife to cancer.  She’s survived a misanthropic ex-husband whom she escaped fifteen years ago when she left him in Arizona in order to make a new beginning in Georgia.

Bonnie Keen is the reluctant and mistrusted partner Maria must deal with in order to keep peace in her office as well as a potential income from the sale of the property.  70-something years old, 5’2” tall, portly and two-faced, Bonnie has a reputation of cheating realtors and clients in her everyday profession. Stay tuned...

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Author Auraria Dead, Chattahoochee Dead & Silver Strutter Dead


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